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Doctah B SiriusDoctah B Sirius is a leading mind, body and spirit medicine man, certified doctor of metaphysics, master herbalist, natural remedy and healing pioneer, vibrational healer, and wellness educator. He is a widely respected healer with ever-growing followers, who trust him with their physical and mental well being. His mission is to create more harmony on the planet by transforming lives, one person at a time.

Born into a long line of healers, counselors, and teachers with roots in ancient America, Africa and India, Doctah B continues this long family tradition entrenched in natural healing and higher consciousness. Combining herbs and his own natural remedies with several techniques and modalities, he empowers individuals to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually, while guiding them to regain and maintain their overall health and mental wellness. “By addressing the root cause of our imbalances and deficiencies, we create a way of living that promotes not only physical health, but births an energetic shift to help optimize our true potential as vibrant beings on the planet,” he expresses further affirming the significance of his work.

As a naturalist and prominent master herbalist, Doctah B has an intimate connection with thousands of medicinal herbs, plant derivatives, and natural elements. He specializes in the eradication of systemic parasites and toxins from the body. He developed the revolutionary Total Body Paracleanse Program that induces transformation on every level by systematically eradicating parasites, detoxifying on a cellular level, and releasing mental congestion, while restoring the body’s natural energetic frequency. This natural herbal and elemental detoxification program has rejuvenated countless individuals around the world and those who have experienced it, deemed it among the very best. He understands and continually educates on how parasites, toxins, and deficiencies, along with mental imbalances are the root cause of disease. Hence, balancing the total body from the inside out is paramount.

Being a healing pioneer, Doctah B has developed a mental balancing system called “Subconscious Alignment” which has been instrumental in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation of many individuals. He strongly emphasizes periodic mental attunement and balancing to ensure our conscious mind and our subconscious past programming be in constant alignment, in order to relieve mental stress, respond versus react in life situations, and ultimately regain our personal power. This multidimensional process allows individuals to awaken and harness their body’s own innate healing capabilities, break emotional barriers, reclaim their authority and experience higher states of consciousness. He is also a certified facilitator of the personal transformation technique PSYCH-K.

Another form of Doctah B’s healing medicine is the gift of music. He channels what he refers to as “Medicine Music” for the soul, as a tool for healing, chakra balancing, and meditation. These keys to one’s inner sanctum consist of healing frequencies that use cosmic resonance to help balance the hemispheres of the brain, elevate states of consciousness, release stress and create an environment conducive to healing.

Doctah B has been given the gift and innate ability to heal, motivate, educate, and inspire by instilling personal power, giving keys to self-realization and awakened clarity to those with whom he works. Channeling his ancestors, this Medicine Man continues on his global path providing natural solutions, sharing wisdom of the ancient healing arts, and giving what is needed to essentially live a wholistic life to help create a healthier, more peaceful planet naturally. And for that, we are eternally grateful.




“Doctah B Sirius is one of the most powerful healers and mind body educators of our time. He and his natural health products are of high quality and great integrity. I love Doctah B’s Platinum Life Endurance Elixir and I use it often. It's one of my favorite health products”

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith Founder and Spiritual Director founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center of Los Angeles, featured on the movie “The Secret” and guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show 


"For Four years Doctah B Sirius has created and taught one of the most successful courses in the history of this school. His magnificent teaching style and his passion to help his student grow and be healthy has inspired many to become very successful in all areas of life."

Ronnie Rubin UCLA Extension director


 "Doctah B’s products are of the highest quality I have seen. His choice of medicinal herbs and natural ingredients in his products are ingenious and very effective to those who use them."

David Wolfe Natural Health expert


"Thanks to your knowledge and help my health is much improved. Thanks Doctah B!"

Russell Simmons: Music business mogul, financial business entrepreneur


"Doctah B is one of the best herbalist I have met also an incredible lecturer and educator in the field of holistic health. I use Doctah B’s Totalbody Paracleanse often and it has helped me and my family stay healthy and fit. I don’t know of a better program to eradicate parasites and be the body into balance."

Dr. Christopher Cox, gynecologist in Los Angeles 

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